What to look for in a Land Surveyor

Land Surveying is an essential part of construction be it for residential, construction, or civil units. It is always a smart decision to get the property surveying done before starting any construction. Moreover, it is also a necessity as required by the council. You cannot start any construction without the council’s approval of your survey report. Thus, surveying indeed is an essential part of the construction. However, a survey will be beneficial only if you find the right surveyor. A survey is to be done only by a registered surveyor. Here are some other points on How to find a great land surveyor in Toowoomba.

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How to Find a Great Land Surveyors in Toowoomba?

Although these tips are applicable for finding a good surveyor in any area, we are focusing on Toowoomba as we offer our services in the region. We are serving the region and the neighbourhood areas from the last two decades and have observed some points about good surveying services. Here is what you should look for:


As we have mentioned at the beginning of the post, a survey is to be done only by a registered surveyor. The council accepts survey reports that have signature/ approval of a registered surveyor. So, make sure the surveyor you hire is licensed/ registered. If you will get the land survey done by an unregistered surveyor, the report will not be accepted by the council and your money will go in vain.


Experience is the next thing you must look for. The more experienced the surveyor is the less are the chances of errors and delays. An experienced surveyor will have a good knowledge of what needs to be done and how it will be done. Also, along with experience, do check if the surveyor is aware of the latest changes in the council’s guidelines and technologies. You can check this by referring to some of his recent works.

Also, we would suggest hiring a surveyor or surveying firm which is locally based as they will have a better knowledge of the region and local council’s guidelines.


Reviews of previous clients for the services they have received proves to be very useful while hiring a service. Check out the clientele of the company and the testimonials provided by the clients. You can also ask the surveyor for some previous work references before hiring.

Cost of Service

Of course, you need to check the cost of the service and compare it with other service providers in the market. We would suggest making the comparison by considering the services i.e. don’t just compare the prices also check what services you are getting under those prices. Also, check with the surveying firm about any hidden costs beforehand. There are chances that the surveyor quotes less price in the beginning and add up the hidden costs later on completion of the survey.

We hope these points on how to find a great land surveyor in Toowoomba will help you in getting a reliable surveying service provider for your needs. We, at Toowoomba Surveying, offer trustworthy services in the area. You can check us out for the above points and get in touch.