How a surveyor can make building your home easy

Every region’s council has some guidelines for different types of constructions. And, the land or property owners in the region are required to adhere to the guidelines for any legal construction. Thus, before starting any construction or renovation, the owner requires to identify the property boundaries and other features and get the same approved by the council. For identifying these features, a survey is to be carried out and a map is to be made as per the findings. This map/ survey report is then approved by the council for permission of construction. These property surveys are to be carried by professional and registered surveyors. So, here are some tips on how to use a surveyor to make your construction process seamless.

land surveyors on building site

How to use a surveyor to make your construction process seamless?

A surveyor can surely make your construction work hassle-free if you know how to utilize the services for your benefit. Here is what you need to do.

Take Early Advice

Seeking advice from a registered surveyor at the earliest will help you in making the list of tasks and competing requirement for starting the survey smoothly. So, while you are discussing the details of the survey in the initial stage with your surveyor, also aks him for advice on how you can prepare for the survey process or make his work easy.

Understand the Council’s Guidelines

Ask the surveyor to provide you with details about the council’s guidelines. Although the surveyors are well-aware of all the guidelines, it will be helpful if you understand them yourself. You must be well-aware of the laws related to construction in your area.

Understand the Surveying Process

Ask your surveyor to explain to you the surveying process. This will help you in analysing the growth of the project as well as save you from asking constant questions about the process. This will, in turn, save the time of the surveyors and will result in quick completion of the survey. So, utilize your surveyor to understand the surveying process beforehand.

Decide your Budget

Decide your budget and discuss it with your surveyor before starting the construction. Make it clear with the surveyor that you cannot afford any hidden costs and all the details of the survey must be covered within your budget. Any hidden costs can affect your construction budget so keep everything clear beforehand.

Discuss the Deadlines

Discuss the deadlines clearly with the surveyor. This will help you in planning the construction process and arranging the finance. If there are any chances of delay in the survey due to any reasons, ask the surveyor to inform the same. You can also negotiate some discounts if the survey report is not delivered on time.

We hope that these points would surely help you with using a surveyor to make your construction process seamless. A surveyor not only identifies the features and boundaries of your land/ property and draft a report accordingly but also helps you in understanding the plus points and drawbacks of your property. And, you can always utilise the information while doing new construction, extension, or renovation.


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