Identification Survey Toowoomba

Identification Report is another specialisation of Toowoomba Surveying. We are working in the region and nearby areas from the last two decades. Our team is passionate about their field of work and possess expertise in different types of surveying services. Our surveyors are qualified in their respective fields and keep updating their knowledge through seminars and training. We use the latest technology to conduct our surveys to ensure the most accurate results.

Lets’ move on to the Identification Report.

 What is an Identification Report?

Identification report includes the findings of an identification survey. The survey involves locating the boundaries of a property as well as the location of nearby buildings, fences, and retaining walls. It marks the distance of nearby structures from the boundaries. It is also helpful in identifying easements, encroachments, covenants, and existing restrictions.

Other Names

An identification survey is also known as:

  • Ident
  • Ident Survey
  • Survey Report
  • Ident Report

Requirement of an Identification Report

An identification report is required while buying/ selling a property. It is required under the following scenarios:

  • The Council requires it if you want to finish a pending construction work
  • Your mortgage lender requires it while purchasing a property
  • You will require it to settle boundary disputes with neighbours

Uses of an Identification Report

An identification report is useful in the following circumstances: 

  • Marking the boundaries of the property
  • Marking boundaries while purchasing a land lot
  • Locating boundaries as per legal markings before starting the pending construction
  • Investigating covenants, easements, or restrictions
  • Identifying any encroachment. This helps in settling any disputes with neighbours.


How do we work?

When you hire us for the identification survey, we follow a pre-defined process for the survey. The identification survey at Toowoomba Surveying involves the following process:

  • Analysis of existing property plan and noting the boundaries.
  • Visiting the actual site and identifying the boundaries and existing structures. New constructions (if any) near the property/ land are also noted.
  • Analysing the findings and drafting a report.
  • Getting the report approved by a registered surveyor.
  • Handing over the report to the client.

We also clear the doubts of our clients (if any) related to the report. We ensure that you understand your property’s specifications clearly.

How Can You Hire a Service?

If you are in requirement of an identification survey and find us good to hire, you are welcome. The process for hiring the services is simple and quick. Just visit our ‘Quote’ page and fill the form with required details. Submit the form. Our team will analyse your requirements and call you back to provide a free quote. Instead of filling the form, you can just directly dial our number to get the quote. When you confirm to hire the service, our team will brief you about the process and provide a deadline. We will then visit the site to carry out the survey. Once the survey is complete, the report will be handed. Our survey reports get quick approval from the council.