Toowoomba Surveying Services

Toowoomba Surveying has been working in the area for more than 20 years and offers all type of surveying services namely residential, construction, and civil. Our services are extended to the nearby areas viz. Centenary Heights, Harlaxton, Highfields, Drayton, Lockyer Valley, Wilsonton, Rockville, Kingsthorpe, Crows Nest, and others.

The surveying services include:

  • Identification Report
  • Detail Survey
  • Lot Consolidation
  • Subdivision
  • Building Set Out
  • Boundary Marking
  • Redefinition Plans


Identification Report

Identification report is prepared after the identification survey. The identification report is required by the council while you are buying or selling a property. The identification survey involves identifying the boundaries of a property. It includes spotting corners, sheds, fences, and buildings around the property boundaries. We specialize in preparing identification reports.

Detail Survey

If you are planning new construction or property expansions, the council will require you to submit a Detail survey report before beginning with any construction work. A survey involves marking the existing boundaries of the property as well as nearby structures such as pools, trees, buildings. You will get the best Detail Survey report with us. Detail Survey is one of our specialised services.

Lot Consolidation

Many property owners have two or more pieces of land near each other and they want to use them as a single piece. Although all the land pieces belong to a single owner, he still needs to undergo the lot consolidation survey to use all the land pieces as a whole. This is called land consolidation. Here, a survey is conducted to identify the new boundaries of the single land and the survey report is to be submitted to the council for approval.


Contrary to what a Lot consolidation survey includes, Subdivision is dividing a piece of land into two or more land lots. Here, also a survey needs to be conducted to mark the new boundaries of the lots. The survey report then requires the council’s approval before using the lots as separate properties.

Building Set Out

A building set out involves marking of the corners of the building. It is not a survey. A building set out help in ensuring that the construction is going on exactly as per the papers. It involves marking out the slabs where the walls are. It needs to be done every time a new floor is added to the building.

Boundary Marking

Boundary marking is measuring, mapping, and marking and the boundary lines of a property or land. The old records of the property are also referred to in the boundary marking process. They serve as a piece of additional evidence.

Redefinition Plans

If you have a beginning/ resuming a construction after a long gap, you need to have a redefinition survey to ensure that the boundaries are as per the papers. Old market lots are resurveyed in a redefinition survey to reconfirm the boundaries. Redefinition survey is also useful for updating the property information.

At Toowoomba Surveying, we offer all the above services in budget. We have experience of working on all type of surveys and our team know what to do. If you are in requirement of any of the surveying reports mentioned above, just give us a call and we will take care of the rest. We understand the council requirements and get the reports exactly as required. Our reports get instant approval from the council and you can get started with your work at the earliest.