What do Land Surveyors do?

Land surveying is an inspection of a land lot or property for determining its legal boundaries, features, nearby structures, etc. It helps in planning construction, designing, and drafting architecture of the building. A land surveyor carries the process of surveying and has expertise in mathematics, geometry, engineering, using the latest software and equipment. Here, we will be discussing what a land surveyor do in Toowoomba. The job responsibilities of a land surveyor are generally similar in all the areas, but we are covering it in the context of the Toowoomba region as we offer surveying services in the area. Let’s begin.

surveyor doing survey in residential area

What does land surveyor do in Toowoomba?

A land surveyor must possess the required degree/ qualification and must have a license to practice in a particular area. The responsibilities and duties of a land surveyor include:

Research About the Site

A land surveyor research the site of the survey which involves checking on the previous records of the property. Before starting the survey, a surveyor must research about the property and refer to the old records for marking of boundaries and other features.

Conducting the Survey

After the research work is complete, the surveyors have to do their main work that is conducting the survey of the property. While conducting the survey, the surveyor works with different equipment and software to get the most accurate findings.  Surveying is a field job requiring a lot of physical efforts and visiting different type of locations. Conducting a survey requires lots of efforts. In most cases, a surveyor has to work with a team.

Recording the Findings and Drafting a Survey Report

After the survey is complete, the surveyor is required to record the readings/ findings of the survey in a report and draft a map according to the legal boundary lines. The surveyor will double-check the report before signing it. A survey report is valid only if it is signed by a registered surveyor.

This was the major process of what a land surveyor do in Toowoomba. A surveyor is required to work with all type of surveys viz. Residential, construction, or civil. Different surveyors might have different specialisation based on their preference and major work they have carried out. A good surveyor must have knowledge about the construction guidelines of the local council, he must also stay updated about any changes in the guidelines and new technology related to work. A good surveyor always keeps himself updated through training and short courses. He equips himself with the techniques of working with the new pieces of equipment.

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